Ángel Rodríguez Vidal

Belonging to a family of winegrowers and winemakers from La Seca that crystallizes a winemaking tradition that dates back to the 17th century.

In 1982, in recognition of his work to save and maintain the Verdejo variety against the general tone of the area to pluck said grape variety, King Don Juan Carlos awarded him the Cross Title of the Civil Order of Agricultural Merit.

He was one of the promoters and founders of the

DO Rueda.

We, his heirs, maintain the passion and dedication with which Ángel worked his vineyards and made his wine incorporating the latest technologies.



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First steps

The winery, excavated by hand in the Middle Ages, has multiple 6,000 liter American oak vats.

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American oak vats

These vats were used from the beginning of the winery for wine storage. They are the essence of traditional winemaking.

First winery

Founded in 1780. It has been passed down generation after generation undergoing the necessary adaptations ... to this day.

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Among our vineyards we preserve the emblematic prefiloxeric vineyard of El Pago de Martínsancho , planted in the mid-19th century and which gives the winery its name.

We maintain traditional viticulture, with bush vineyards, thus ensuring the lowest incidence of man for the care of our raw material. This allows us to develop a complex organic and sustainable viticulture.


The harvest is done on optimum days and manually, to ensure that the grapes arrive intact at the winery

The "terroir" , the continental climate , the controlled production and the altitude are the essential characteristics that define our vineyard.

Controlled productions that always ensure the excellent quality of the grapes.

The altitude , at higher altitude increases the thermal amplitude and improves solar radiation, favoring slow ripening

The "terroir", characterized by gravelly and stony soils, makes the water penetrate and drain quickly without the need for irrigation.

The continental climate with warm days and cool nights give our wine unique characteristics.

The insolation reaches 2,600 hours per year, which would be excessive if it were not for the late ripening of the grape.





"Good wine is made in the vineyard"

"Selecting from my majuelos the best Verdejo grape, I have made a wine that I am proud of"


"Wine of rich texture, very fresh, mineral and of great complexity"

Effort, dedication and work.




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